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    The guard looked to the barbarians sword and then at Evendur with a mad laugh "yous all think i'm lyin? I tellsh yoush no lies pals, I swears it on me mums life, I swearsh it sirs, pleash don't kill me! I told you allsh I knows!" The guard had practically curled into a ball at this point, tears rolling down his sad drunken face as he tried to plead with his captors.

    Feng grunted at Evendur and then turned to slowly begin his walk out of the cave, following the path cautiously before coming to a wooden door. He crouched down as he could hear the voices of laughter from behind it, slowly peaking it open he had a look at the room, a wide cavernous area with multiple men inside and a firepit in the middle. Although he closed it again before he could see anymore waiting instead on his new comrades.
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    (I appologise for not posting earlier everyone, RL issues prevented me from doing so)
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    Evendur sighs

    "I had hoped we could be friends... I do not seek to have more blood on my hands, but a promise is a promise."
    So saying, Evendur leans down and deftly claws open the guard's throat.

    "But I am not without kindness... So I shall not speak of your dishonour to your friends, who we must now visit to determine that which you did not share"
    Not waiting to watch the life drain from the pathetic wretch's eyes, Evendur follows behind Feng and nods his readiness to leave.

    "I gave him every opportunity to co-operate and make it easier on himself, but now we must go and see for ourselves"
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    (No worries Rev, stuff happens... The beauty of playing like this rather than organising to do it in real time is that there's less pressure and obligation, which makes it more fun for everyone :D )
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    Nurfic growls, disgusted at what he sees happen in front of him.

    "Did ya have to go an'do that here? Bloody idiot... what if a patrol comes? Now we have ta hide that body, and I ain't doin' it!"
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    Evendur stares cooly at Nurfic.

    Staring down his nose at the Dwarf, he disdainfully counters the criticism.
    "I don't plan on returning to this cesspit, so it matters not to me... What you do is your own business..."
    His lips curl up in disgust at the thought of anyone choosing to remain.
    "Though had you acted on your stated desire to persuade him to share, rather than sit there in your filth and grumble, perhaps he would still be alive..."

    Turning to the rest of the group he says in a more level tone.
    "Any guards coming this way will encounter those of us who are escaping long before they reach this room, once those of us who are in-fact leaving have gotten started that is...
    Come fellow inmates! Let us make our way out again!
    And who knows... On the way we may even stumble across our jailor's loot box, which will surely contain our confiscated posessions and other valuable trinkets!"
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    From the shadows next to the doorway, Mav nods his head and gestures encouragingly to the group.

    "I agree with the Rakshasa, we should move."

    Mav follows Feng to the next door, wondering if there was a way he could help the group further.

    "It seems we are trapped once again. If there is a fire, they might have trouble seeing the edges of the room?"

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