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    The directions on the note lead you to a courtyard in between two massive mansions owned most likely by the nobility and upper echelons of the city. The mid-day sun obscured by several massive tarps of various colours hanging between each of the walls creating a ceiling against its harsh rays and leaving the courtyard and it’s fountain at the centre cool and refreshing compared to the scorching streets.

    Three people stood waiting on the opposite side of the fountain, the cloaked woman you had seen previously the night before stood in the centre of the trio wearing gleaming golden armour hidden by dark robes that obscured all but part of her chest piece. Her face clearly visible, truly she would have a hard time blending into any crowd as her beauty seemed nothing short of divine “Welcome defenders of the innocent. I must ask your forgiveness that we must meet under such strange manners. This city has become corrupt, and even the walls seem to have ears these days.”

    The second figure at the meeting was a medium height women, wearing sturdy leather armour with short white hair and dark grey skin. Her only defining feature were her piercing azure blue eyes which carefully studied every movement around her. She wore her weapons on her body, her longbow hung from her back and a quiver full of high quality arrows from her shoulder. Her leather armour wore her prized insignia, a blood red diamond with the silhouette of a howling wolf; the icon of the 4th Army. She stands steady and surefooted, awaiting any signs of tension. The third figure to .X’s other side was a young elf, slim with long silvery hair, her face concealed under the brownish hood she had on, though you manage to notice that her left eye was green and her right eye blue which is odd for an elf.

    “Thank you all for coming however, those of you who came at least... Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am simply known as Agent X. I work as an assistant and… middle manager for Duke Walader, an old man, frail, and incapable of taking the action required to rid this city of the corruption that has grasped it by the throat.” Pausing the woman took a few steps forward as she paced around the courtyard “The Count.” She gave a short laugh “The Count… a self-proclaimed title for a murderous extortionist and criminal that has managed to take away control of our great city. Corrupting those who live here, those who are meant to serve and protect. Defiling every part of this great City with his and his minion’s filth.”

    Pausing next to the party she smiled warmly before speaking once more “My employer is not the wealthiest... nor the most powerful, but he is willing to bring you into his service. Raise you up from the common rabble to use his own words and reward you with knighthoods. And of course pay you all handsomely, the sum of ten thousand gold pieces. Each. If you are able to bring this criminal to justice.”

    Returning to her pacing the woman circled around the back of the party “While Obviously justice is its own reward, this threat to the city has gone on too long. Will you accept the offer? If not for the prestige, fame, gold or even honour. Will you accept it in order to save lives? Protect the innocent, to bring order to chaos, and bring corruption into the light so that Justice may be served? Will you?” Stepping back at her original place she turned to face the party awaiting an answer eagerly.
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    Valix looked closely upon the 3 figures before him. He looked upon the woman that called herself X. She is well armoured. 10,000gp for each of us? This 'Duke' Walader must want this Count taken down badly. Valix looked upon what looked like a second woman. She had very beautiful blue eyes. Valix dismissed that thought immediately when he saw what looked like a military insignia. That insignia is not the same as those who attacked me. He spoke under his breath, "Svanoa shilta si enel wer angrimich." He recovered his sensibilities. "You invited us here, who are these two with you? If we are to help rid this city of this 'Count', we will need more information. Besides the incident at the tavern, what atrocities has his group committed? After all, this is not my fight and gold coins matter very little to me. Why should I assist?"
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    Nairitya glances briefly at the others before stepping forward and clearing his throat, a concerned look on his face.

    "I do not wish to place myself in a lifetime of slavery and submission to this Duke and his household, mine is a very lengthy lifetime and I tend not to suffer the rule of others with grace or tolerance for very long. I would be happy to assist in removing the Lawlessness and Evil from the streets of this town that I myself have not so very long ago experienced, and I welcome any prestige, fame, and gold he may offer for my doing so doing so..."

    Nairitya pauses for a moment and his expression turns to one of belligerent certainty.

    "But I will not place a yoke about my own shoulders and give up my personal freedom by entering into his servitude."

    His expression softens and he adds, "I am not at all opposed to helping or working with you you see, but once this is through I must have the freedom to move on."

    Turning directly to the other two present he introduces himself.
    "Greetings and well met strangers, I am Do Nairitya, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance I trust?"

    He casts a quizzical eye over them, and then at Agent X, wondering why they are included and what their role is... but being too polite to ask, he steps back into the group and awaits a response.
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    Varis looked at the two men he came with then back at Agent X, she was as beautiful as he remembered her and now there was second elf..though she looked odd for an elf but that didn't really bother him for the moment. He had listened to X's words and thought on them slightly before he spoke.

    "If what you say is true, then you have my bow for the task," Varis said with a small nod.
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    Agent X smiled towards Valik and spoke briefly “Wux jalla ti.” She grinned and then motioned to both of those who have joined her “Mercenaries, much like yourselves. Interested in the same goal, they are my eyes and ears for where you go they will follow, and aid you in your combined goal. And do not fear Do Nairitya, my employer does not keep slaves. All of you are free to leave at any point should you wish it.” She took a sigh and looked over the three before her “The Count… and his men. Their crimes are numerous. Murder, extortion, bribery, kidnapping, slavery, arms trafficking, theft, arson, and those are just the crimes that we are able to track.”

    Agent X certainly seemed distressed as she listed off the crimes, speaking in a sombre manner rather than her previously uplifting tone “Half this city has bent the knee under this man’s influence. Fear and corruption has gripped the lower portion. The guards are in his pocket and the military won’t march on known hideouts for fear of starting a riot. Everyone is afraid of this man, anyone who isn’t… well, you saw how his captains act. Murder anyone who dares to oppose him. Every man and woman in that tavern would be dead right now if you all hadn’t stepped in. That should be reason enough to stop this madman.”

    She paused and tried to regain her composure “Every day the count takes more and more of this city for himself, carving out a criminal empire, this may have not been your fight when you arrived in this city. But whether or not this fight is your own is no longer up to you. You made your choice when you helped save those innocent people. When you killed the counts men. And his captain. Grim may have been… the bluntest tool in the shed, but he was still a Captain, the count will… he will want to make an example of each of you. I pray those who did not join you here in this meeting have already fled the city.”
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    Istovir remained silent and covered as much as he could (see previous Stealth roll), he was waiting for the chance to start following the Agent X to gather further information.

    So far, no details about the Count have been shared other than the supposed activities; and the information from the Duke hasn't been shared in detail neither. Still, he guessed that he would just share what he knew with therest of the team when they were gathered together once again.

    However, the drow was certain of one thing for sure, if what they were saying was sure; he would be joining in the quest for the money and fame he could receive... but still he wasn't certain everything was true, instead; he just waited to follow X and see what the Duke was actually up to... or what X was up to.
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    Valix was shocked, few people could understand Draconic let alone speak it. He nodded towards X. Looking her in the eyes"While I will not speak for the other two, given your statements and the incident that took place in the tavern, I will assist for now." He looked from X to the mysterious military member, "I however, will keep my eyes watching." He turned back to X, "I hope you will not take this as a threat, but rather a warning; but if this is a ruse, or no more than a way for your Duke to take over the Count's activities I will spare no trouble in bringing both operations down." He walked around the area, examining the walls and scenery. "All of that said, where do we go from here?"
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    Agent X smiled “Excellent. Wonderful even. With your assistance the counts days of terrorising this city are numbered.” Pausing she paced around the edge of the courtyard “The Count is a mystery though, we do not know who or where he is. You will have to find that out the old fashioned way. My suggestion is to first start with his captains, interrogate them, infiltrate and destroy his operations. Weakening him and making him angry at the same time. A wounded beast is much more likely to lash out, and make its execution so much easier.”

    Pausing near the exit of the courtyard she turned to look at the adventurers who had gathered “Also seek out a dwarf at the market, he goes by the moniker “Pierce.”” Giving a shrug Agent X continued “He… is not directly affiliated with the Count. But he conducts certain… criminal ventures that keep his pockets lined with gold. Slavery, arms trafficking, smuggling. Nothing directly as dangerous as the counts operations. But if anyone knows how best to hurt the Count it is the man who would have the most to gain from his losses. Although… while obviously that course of action opens the path for Pierce to gain more profit, he poses much less of a risk than the Count. And should you decide to stay on after the count is dealt with, Pierce’s operations could certainly do with being stopped.”

    Running a hand through her hair Agent X looked deep in thought for a moment “And lastly, the city guard. They are corrupt and greatly aid the counts operations directly and indirectly. Expose their corruption if you can. Seek out the guilty and bring them to justice. My aide, Phelaia can assist you with anything else you may require and will report in daily with your progress. But I have kept you too long and must leave to attend to other matters. Good luck and Good bye for now.” Pulling the hood up over her head and disappearing out the courtyard and into the busy streets.
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    Istovir managed to get all the information he could from the meeting almost as much as the ones present. It was like he was there but at the same time it wasn't... or at least he hoped that was the perception he projected to those in the meeting. Nevertheless; his special purpose was at hand and it was now the time to "shine" and use his particular set of skills.

    As soon as X passed by, the drow waited briefly for her to walk a few steps away and inmediately began to follow as stealthy as possible throughout the busy streets. It didn't matter what her speed was, he was a dark elf and his reflexes and other senses were honed to this kind of deal.

    Matching her pace but staying incognito, he just hoped that he could gather the information the team needed to perform his job effectively against the count and any of his associates.


    DM Note: After following X for almost an hour she disappears down an alley way escaping your sight momentarily, as you follow her you come across a dead end with no one there and no possible exits in sight. Just a few tressym fighting over a chicken carcass at the end of the alley, suddenly you feel a sharp pain at the back of your head, your vision blurs and you find yourself unconscious.


    As per DM: 4 hours passed.

    Istovir woke up in a room with a dim candle lit. The drow was quite dazzled from the previous encounter and he didn't remember what had happened... just that he was following X and then, everything went blank. Nevertheless, after a couple of seconds, he raised his blue eyes and noticed a hooded figured standing in front of him with the hands grasped around the hilt of a sword, resting against the ground.

    "What... the..." muttered the drow while he tried to make sense of the situation... however, it didn't take long for the tip of the sword to rest in his neck pressing softly without drawing any blood from it, but threatening for it to happen.

    "You were following me. Poorly I might add. State your intentions and employer Drow. Or find yourself headless."

    At that moment, he realized a little bit more about what happened and who was in front of him, the dark elf's ears could recognize the voice coming from the hodded girl in front of him. With a faint smile, he pointed out at the irony of the situation "Funny... you are my employer..." said heavily while he tried to gasp for air after the time he spent unconcious.

    Although the man expected for the sword to ease it's threat on his neck, he didn't receive such cordiality, instead; the woman just replied softly with a small hint of surprise at the reply "The drow from the Tavern? You were not at the meeting."

    The drow was in no position to withheld certain information, in fact; he decided that it would be best to reveal a bit of himself and the dealings of his party hoping that it would allow him to gather even more information to assest further his involvement in the whole Count versus Duke affair, for that reason; he began to explain a bit. "As agreed by our colleagues present in the meeting... it would be foolish for all of us to move against a a target like the Count without enough information from all sides... I am sure someone like you would understand and appreciate the value of intel"

    The woman quickly replied, as an agent at the service of the Duke he expected for her to ease her stance on him and at least acknowledge him as an ally of some sort.

    "Intel is a very undervalued tool in this day and age... Istovir. Did your investigations last night prove fruitful? I sure hope so. You will need it if you are to succeed." dropping the sword from Istovir's neck she cut loose the bindings on both of his hands before moving to his feet "Did you listen into the meeting or do I have to repeat the offer I made your companions?"

    Istovir smiled at the fact that she knew who he was and that she was dropping his guard on him while she even showed her neck to him while she moved to cut his bindings on a his legs. In reply, he just shook his head when she could look at him once again. "We have what we need to go against the Count, but I do not have enough from the Duke even after listening at the meeting. I am deeply curious... why would a man as old as the Duke be interested in cleaning the city if he might not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of his labor?"

    Revealing what he knew about the duke wasn't all that bad, in fact; it would teach X to not underestimate their efforts as a team although most of the gathering is being performed by the drow... in the end it would allow him to gain further prestige in the Duke's eyes and, if everything went well; it would help him in his machinations.

    "It is the wise man that plants a tree knowing he will never taste it's fruit. But his children may. And his childrens children. The Duke has lived long enough for his bones to grow frail, his muscles weak, and his mind wise. He does not seek personal glories, wealth, nor power. But make no mistake, they are all things he has strived for in his youth. As any man does. He simply has a wish that this city can be safe once more. That children can play in the streets without fearing abduction or... worse."

    Although such words were normally heard from religious zealots and other beings, he kind of understood a bit about the meaning since he experienced something like that in the Underdark and planned to change it... it was just something he could relate to... smiling back at X showing her that he knew what she was talking about.

    "Well, there are a few things I want to know...including your relationship with the Duke and motives to help him. That is one of the main reasons why I wanted to follow you... nothing talks better about a man than those who surround him"

    It was quite clear that he managed to get through her, and not because he just wanted to maliciously find about her; but because he needed to understand all possible variables of the equation in order to act accordingly.

    Agent X looked taken back at Istovir's words "Relationship? I have no relationship with the Duke. I simply wish to see the Count's head removed from his neck. Though the Duke would prefer justice came from the courts." she paused as her voice began to break "I... I simply wish revenge. He.. the Count... he killed my children. You lot may be in it for the gold. Or just trying to do the right thing. Me? I am here for blood. And I will not stop until all of his operations are nothing but ash and his blood runs through the streets of this gods forsaken city." Turning Agent X pushed through the door into a hall way "You should return to your friends. They will need your help." disappearing as quickly as she had previously.

    Such honesty actually surprised the drow, and he didn't even just related to X... he wanted to help since she was acting on behalf of her family, just like he was or he thought he was. With a concerned look in his face, he wanted to ask her name and try to do something but she left before he could even say anything.

    It was until then that he realized that he had to recover a bit before proceeding with his mission with a renew desire to help and a new motive against the Count, without actually knowing where he was; the dark elf began to exit the room and look for the exit.

    It took him an hour asking around to figure the exit from the Sky quarters and another hour to get to the tavern... it was dark when he reached the place... most likely after sunset or close to it since only the glare could be seen from afar.

    Going inside, he practically dropped his body to one of the tables and quickly called for the waiter to bring him some rum and some food... perhaps that would allow him to recover his strenght while he waited for the rest to return.
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    Valix looked upon Agent X as she discussed the impending downfall of the Count. Why is she so consumed with the Count's downfall. It is odd that they know of all the Count's attrocities and yet don't know who he is. He listened as she listed of a few starting points to the group. He combed his fingers through his hair re-adjusting his ponytail. Well, we knew about the captains. It would seem Istovir's intelligence that he gathered was potentially genuine. The noon day sun was hot and he could feel his mouth becoming parched. He rustled around in his pack for his cantine and took two swigs. He let the second swig swirl around his mouth to wash out any dust that may have collected. This dwarf seems like a better starting point than the captains. I think I'll suggest to the group we go to him before returning to the Inn for the evening. Just before leaving, X once more gestured towards the military woman, calling her Phelaia. I don't trust military. But I guess if we are to succeed I have little choice. He turned to ask X one last question, but noticed her entering the busy streets and disappearing.

    The memory of the attack flashed before his eyes. Valix wondered what they had wanted. He took a deep, calming sigh and approached Phelaia. "I am Valix of the forests of Lethyr and the Black Jungles. It has been many years since I have seen a member of your race. You're Shadowkin correct?" He was determined to hold back the rage inside of him caused by her military insignia. Valix knew that if they could not get along, at least placating each other, they would never find out what was going on. He listened to her response and carried on conversation with her for a moment. Then bowed and proceeded to introduce himself to the unknown elf. "Well met, I am Valix, though I'm sure you heard me talking with your companion. I know that Phelaia is to babysit and ensure we keep on task, what is your role in this endeavor?" Valix offered her a sincere and bright smile trying to lighten the mood of all.
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    Varis listened to Agent X lay out what the Count had done, which unsurprisingly only re-affirmed his want to help bring the person down. X also gave some starting points one of them the Drow had already suggested for them to do, so that seemed to to back up what he had said to the group earlier. The other option was to go talk to a shady Dwarf, that peeked Varis' interest because that seemed like a good way to also figure out if X was telling the truth fully, so he figured he would rather do that option first and he would say so if asked. Then X left but the two that were with her stayed apparently to keep on eye on the group, he decided to be nice until they showed that he shouldn't be.

    He watched his two companions introduce themselves so he figured he should do the same. "Hello, I am Varis Liadon of.." his voice trailed off without finishing the sentence as he frowned remembering what had happened to his tribe. He choose to leave his words at that and nodded to the two women.
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    Faen swept Her gaze over the ragtag bunch of adventurers assembled before them. Stepping forward after the conclusion of their discussions with X she clears her throat to gain their attention. "Greetings, I am Faen Meliamne." She says formally, "I am hired by X and I am here to lend you my assistance. It is an honour and a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to working with you." Faen stepped back to the fountain and resumed her previous pose.
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    Upon hearing Valix's introductions, Phelaia turns towards the man, looking him up and down as her eyes narrow in suspicion. The people of this world are always caught up in their own little issues, they don't see the grand scheme of things. He was trying his best to hide it, but his microexpressions showed his distaste for her; she would have to keep an eye on this fool. She had seen this before from her soldiers, people discounting her ability to lead simply because she was a woman, people deliberately testing her, people lost in their own little worlds thinking they could one up her. Valix was no different, she could handle him and any bitterness he holds towards her. Phelaia takes a step in towards Valix, tightly gripping his forearm in a shake of camaraderie.

    "Greetings, Valix. I'm surprised you know of my ancestry, not many here do. I look forward to working with you."

    Firmly gripping Valix's forearm, she pulls him close to her as if hugging him, instead taking the moment to whisper in his ear "I don't know what your issue is, Elf, but you'd be best to control yourself. I've no issue with you, don't make me change my mind."

    At this she releases him from the embrace, turning back to the others, a pleasant smile on her face as if she'd just finished embracing an old friend.

    "It's good to meet all of you and to Varis and Do, the pleasure is mine. I assure you. As you no doubt heard, our best 'in' with regards to our task is to visit Pierce. He's a troublemaker around here and needs to be dealt with in anycase. Let's do this without my needing to get the city guard involved, understood?"
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    Valix took Phelaia at her word. He would work with her, but his eyes would ever be upon her. He prided himself on being a good judge of character. He didn't sense any ill will in her words. While she was obviously part of this region's military, her insignia was different than those that attacked him. "I agree with Phelaia. The dwarf scoundrel is our best bet in learning the inner dealings of this Count." He looked upon the rest of the party, "We should start with him, find out what we can. We should stick together. I've already been attacked while wandering the streets alone. Perhaps our babysitter would like to lead us to the market place. Her military fortitude combined with our numbers, should keep our party safe."
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