[Game Thread] The Archivists and The Secrets of Sokol Keep

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    As you enter the classroom, after finishing your morning routine, you choose a seat and wait. After a few minutes, everyone has assembled and Wise Owl Thenrey Noke walks in.

    "Good morning, I hope you all had an uneventful night. Right down to business now. This should be an easy one to get you warmed up. There always have been stories of treasure on Thorn Island, the isle functioning as a natural breakwater for
    the village of Phlan’s harbor. The details differ with the teller of the tale. Many have sought the fabled riches of Sokol Keep, but nobody has ever claimed it, or at least admits to doing so. Now most believe it has been found long ago or that it is just a myth. When House Sokol assumed control of the island, they never professed having found any treasure when they restored, and later extended, the keep. And they never looked very kindly on treasure seekers intruding upon their property and stead-fastely blocked any thorough search of the keep in the century that they have been its custodian. Having been forced to mostly leave the island recently due to the troubles in the city, we now have an opportunity to investigate and ensure that nothing... dangerous is located there."

    He moved to one side.

    "In order to save time, you will be using the portals in the portal room. Since this is your first use of the portals, I will open the portal and you will all go together. Each of you will be given an enchanted ring from the armory. It will allow you to reopen the portal and return to the archive. We do not have a strong presence in Phlan, but we do have some contacts. They have secured you a small room to operate out of in The Laughing Goblin, a small tavern in the docks district with a good view of the keep."

    Noke looked to one corner of the room and nodded slightly, then fixed his gaze back on his attentive archivists. "Do not take anything for granted. Phlan is not Waterdeep. You will find little help from the local authorities, if any at all. Stick together. Remember your training." He paused briefly before continuing on. "You will have a few hours to prepare yourselves. Take only what you need. I will go prepare the portal. Come to the portal room in 4 hours. There you may ask any questions."

    With that, he abruptly walked out of the room, seemingly mumbling to himself.
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    Sher is struck by Owl Noke's seeming distractedness, and his inquisitive nature and Harper training suggests to him that there may in-fact be something more to it than simple absent-mindedness of a high ranking Harper Agent. With both his training and personal desire to seek out knowledge first-and-foremost in his mind, he quickly attunes his senses to see if he can detect any magical disturbances in the vicinity as Owl Noke departs.
    ((Arcana Roll: [roll0]))

    Noting the results to himself with a barely audible 'Hmmn' for later use, he turns his thoughts back to his first mission as an Archivist.
    Seems simple enough, almost elementary. Go to the place, snoop around a bit and come on back... I was built for this kind of work!
    Still, I ought to go and prepare myself before we set off... No sense in leaving anything to chance!

    "Well well well, this ought to be fun! Here's hoping we don't disappear like the last Archivists on so simple a task!" He says conversationally to Lestrade, before turning towards his companions and continuing "I look forward to working with you folks, but if you'll excuse me I'd best go and prepare, see you back at the portals".

    So saying, he packs up and departs for his room once more.

    Once inside, he retrieves his pack from the chest and quickly goes over the contents to ensure that he has everything he may need. Satisfied with his preparations, he
    Settles down and begins his Summon Familiar Ritual -or-
    Goes off in search of Owl Noke to inquire as to where/when/how he and his familiar may function within the confines of the Archive.

    Depending on whether I'm allowed to cast Summon Familiar inside the Archives))

    Afterwards, finding himself with a little time, and becoming somewhat peckish, he fixes himself a quick meal before presenting himself at the Portal room in readiness for his first foray into the murky excitement of Archiving.
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    Durak had left Kat in the nature annex chasing her own tail before arriving in the classroom, listening intently he found the man's behavior to be unusual, but on Noke's leave Durak raised from his seat with a wide smile as he looked around at his companions "Four hours til we leave? I can have my stuff ready and get second breakfast!" hurrying out of the classroom without missing a beat. Heading immediately to the nature annex he called Kat to his side, for she would certainly be needed on the mission that was to come. Returning to his quarters Durak prepared his pack, a bedroll, and two person tent was wrapped neatly around the top, 50 feet of hempen rope around the side, and the contents contained the majority of his worldly possessions. Which just happened to be perfect for exploring, double checking everything while Kat finished off Durak's breakfast that was now laying on the floor.

    Next came his armour, first on was the coat of tanned leather with dark black metal scales covering the entire piece, leggings next following the same pattern as the coat. Gauntlets finished off the suit of armour, which Kat was eagerly waiting with them in her mouth, reaching down Durak smiled and rubbed the Panthers head before taking the gauntlets from her "Thanks Kat, got enough slobber over them this time?" Next came weapons, a longbow and his quiver full of arrows was the first point. Essential for any ranger really to be able to hit a foe before they even got close, and it doubled as a pretty effective hunting tool for taking down small and large game. Then where the two handaxe's that slide nicely through the hoops on either side of his belt keeping them within reach of both his hands at a moments notice, and one of his preferred methods for taking down foes.

    Durak had time to slip out of the archive and into the kitchen to grab a meal that would keep him well fed along with something nice for Kat, making his way to the portal room he sat back against the wall with his pack ready next to him already to leave despite being far too early but he was eager to begin his mission and began eating some left over cheese, goose, bread, and various pieces of fruit along with two mugs of mead to wash it all down. Although one seems to have been claimed by Kat who lay next to Durak with a large bit of roast lamb, tucking in quite happily, occasionally looking up towards the door as someone passed going elsewhere but otherwise simply purring her head off.
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    Yenhorn eventually managed to perform the Weapon Bond the night before, ensuring that his handaxe could become an extension of him... in honor of such ritual, the archer named it: Tomahawk.

    With that completed along his morning chores, he went to the classroom and waited along his mates to the Wise Owl and his first assignment.

    The explanation was quite straight forward and their destiny seemed to be set, they were bound to find something no matter what. Or at least that is what the redheaded thought. Once they all were given 4 hours to prepare themselves, Yenhorn saw this opportunity as a way to go and prepare his backpack and to make sure that he had enough ammo and his weapons along with his newly trusted handaxe close to him, although he wasn't really going to need it close from now on. But Durak was right, they had an awful lot of time before their departure... the time was kind of excessive but... "I guess we can't help it..." said the redheaded man, with a shrunging a bit and with a smirk on his face, he began to leave the room "...I'll be ready in 10". Without really looking back, he went to his room and brought what he needed with him then, he just headed to the Portal Room to wait.

    Inside the room, he just waited until he noticed that Durak joined him along... a huge cat! "Wooooaaaa!" a Panther to be precise! Yenhorn didn't try to show fear, but it was a huuuuuge cat and he didn't remember seeing it in the Academy since most of the animals were kept away from the Training Grounds and classrooms... but now, there he was with one feral animal close to him. The animal seemed to be close to Durak and eating something, which was good... but still, it could become quite aggressive towards someone... or so he thought.

    "Well, that is quite a companion..." said softly while he touched his trusted companion... a handaxe... "It won't be aggresive towards us right?" with that said, the man approached the animal cautiously but without showing fear trying to at least create a rustic bond with it that would allow him to avoid attacks or something similar, nothing nearly as close as what Durak had with the Panther since it was clear that they were extremely close, but at least for the animal to acknowledge him as some sort of ally (Animal Handling: [roll0])
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    Durak laughed at Yenhorn's reaction and comment as he nudged Kat who simply gave a quiet grown and went back to chewing on the leg of lamb "Kat here wouldn't harm a fey without being commanded to, though she does face a particular dislike to Orcs and Goblins!" wiping his mouth with his hand Durak raised the second mug of mead towards Yenhorn "Come, drink my friend! It shall be a long wait until we are able to step into the portals, quite exciting isn't it?" Sitting back Durak set a chunk of goose meat down his mouth followed by bits of cheese before swallowing the delicious combination and washing it down with a sip of mead "And don't fret about Kat here, our training is extensive and quite thorough, she will not target our allies. Though our foes?"

    Durak laughed and gave a slightly menacing grin "I wish anyone who gets in Kat's way a swift death. I have seen Orcs survive some of the nastiest of her bites only to run off and slowly die over the course of several days." Taking a bite out of an apple Durak placed a hand against Kat stroking the Panther's fur while shaking his head, being brought back to some moment back in his soldiering days it seemed "Don't run sixty miles with a deep wound, stupid orcs. Remember Yenhorn, even the tallest mountains can be eroded away by the smallest of streams. Be wary wounds you suffer, they will drag you down if not attended to. And a team is only as strong as it's weakest member." he raised his mug as if making some profound statement before finishing off his mead.

    Picking up a flagon he refilled his mug and offered it to Yenhorn "So, Harpers and now archivist. What led you to this path Yenhorn? I have heard tales of Yenhorn the Monster Slayer! I am interested to hear the tale from the hero himself, my years as a soldier were unfortunately short, but I saw many monstrosities in my time. They make for some excellent stories to tell around a warm fire and a mug of mead!" Durak seemed quite honestly to be in high spirits and very friendly, for he saw those who had join the archivists as his fellow soldiers, nay, his fellow brothers and sisters in the fight against evil.
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    Felix paid close attention to Thenrey's mannerisms and his tone during his briefing. Something is troubling him. I think I shall investigate this place at the end of this briefing. When Thenrey had finished his briefing and dismissed them, Felix looked with great concern to each of his companions. "Troublesome, very troublesome. I will see you lot when the time comes." With that said, Felix headed to the library. There must be some book or article in here that speaks about this location we are headed to. Maybe something that can help us is lost amongst these tomes.

    Investigation Roll: [roll0]
    ((Success: I find something that could be of benefit to us during our mission. Let me know and I'll RP that information))

    After reading over many books in the library, Felix wanted to clear his head. He still had a few hours left till they needed to report to the portals so he returned to the nature annex. He decided to put his feet into the cool water of one of the fountains. He chose the fountain where he had met the nicest of fish. There he sat for a lengthy time, pondering over how quickly his life was changing. He knew he would become a Harper, but now he was an archivist as well. Could this all be fate, or is there something going on that we just don't know yet?

    A few minutes before their departure time, Felix rose and headed to the portal room. He nodded to his companions, "Well, I'm ready. Time to put all our training to the test. Meilikki will guide us."
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    Kitsune looked around the room and shrugged. She really had not paid attention to anything the Owl had said and departed from the room with her panda nestled in her arms. Moving towards the storage areas of the facilities, she looked for any potential things of value for a moment and then headed towards the kitchens to gather some rations for the journey as well as her lovely and adorable panda. As she had yet to unpack her things, and thus, they would be organized already to head out immediately at a moment's notice. She would take everything of course, including the linens of the beds which she would remove later, some paper in the desk, some pens and pencils, and anything else of slight value in her room ((DM please)).

    She held her panda in the air and tossed it lightly, catching it within her arms and rubbing its head and ears affectionately. Kitsune looked around her and coughed, before resuming her "packing."

    Investigation Roll: [roll0]
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    A mission! Already!? A pity it seems to be a simple treasure hunt, I want to find artifacts that actually matter to someone's life. OH a portal! Oh boy oh boy I can't wait to see this. I hope that ring won't affect my punches, and I hope they've got a tiny one that can maybe fit on my thumb though I'm sure they've had plenty of time to think about this already as they were picking us out so they've probably already got this all covered. Anyway, 4 hours? Well all I need to get is my spear, but I guess I can wait around 4 hours. SECOND breakfast! That sounds like an excellent idea.

    Juri followed Durak to the rooms.
    Take only what you need? I guess I won't be needing days of rations, or all of this rope, or probably not torches either, or a bedrool, or heck I won't need the backpack at all I guess. If I need anything I can probably just buy it in town. I wonder what the reimbursment policy here is. I wonder if we get a stipend? I should ask before we leave.
    Juri goes to his room and grabs his spear and and buckled up his belt that had his darts (5 darts on the left, and 5 darts on the right), slipped the dagger in and grabbed his coin purse with all 21 coins. He then waited at Durak's door for two, three, four minutes... then Juri's belly decided there was no harm in getting an early start to second breakfast so he walked to the kitchen.

    He's probably brushing his kitty cat anyway, he could be hours longer, that panther is quite large. I wonder if he'd ever let me ride it! Wouldn't that be a strange sight? A halfling mounted on a panther. It could probably fit my whole head in its mouth....

    He finds a little something to eat, and seeing as Durak still has not arrived he takes the meal to a bench in the nature annex, listening to the soothing sounds of flowing water of which he grew up by.
    There is no hurry.
    He finishes the meal and closes his eyes and thinks about his life force and those of the things around him....
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    Yenhorn looked at Durak as he began to talk about his title as "Monster Slayer". Almost inmediately, his chest began to be filled with pride at the "feat" of skill he displayed back in the day when he was young and smiled to him.

    "Well, it is actually a funny story." The man took a seat close, but seeing the reaction of the panther he just took some distance "It was a sunny afternoon..." he began with a lot of gestures, his palms were extended like if he was displaying the sky in front of him, or like if he was opening some curtains; "...the sky was clear and the glare of the sun was hitting in my eyes... however, one could definitely see the in the distance a chariot with two horses speeding up in the street like if it was running from something, the driver's face was clear and anyone would have noticed his despair... In an instant, I noticed why he has such rush... behind him, a beast was following him... it's fangs viciously eager to taste the flesh of those inside the chariot and running with greater speed than the chariot could ever achieve." Anyone around could definetely see that the man was quite expressive and that he was actually using a lot of mannerisms to enhance the tale, even the actions of the beast "At that point, I knew I had to do something, I began to intercept both, the chariot and the beast... I placed myself in a position where I could get a clear view..." slowly, the man mimicked the action of an archer when loading an arrow to the bow and remaining still "...there I aimed, with my trusty bow and arrow, I knew that I had one chance to save the innocent lives of those inside the chariot... I didn't know what would happen afterwards but I just aimed at the beast... once I knew I was certain that I would land the hit... I released the arrow when it was 20 feat away from me... and the arrow landed straight between it's eyes..." Yenhorn smiled "... The beast fell and the chariot was safe, shortly some locals arrived and were awed with the dispose of the creature, some took parts of it for display as trophies and I was not rewarded since I didn't seek gold, but they began to share the tale of the achievement and it became legend."

    The redheaded man stopped for a moment and took a deep breath, like if he was recalling the whole event and even feeling inspirational at the whole idea "That is when I was certain that I was bound to greatness, that I had to help others against beasts and other tyrants... that I had to follow my destiny and to enroll in the Academy... and it seemed that everyone in my village thought it was a good idea. So that is why I ended up right here".
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    Durak listened intently to the story Yenhorn told as he ate tearing a chunk of bread away he chewed on it and then swallowed before setting his plate down in favor of a healthy swig of mead "That sounds exciting! Always better to wait for a clear shot than use your time with shots you will certainly waste. Reminds me of a few of our ambushes! What type of beast was it? Wolf? Bear? Lion? Panther?" Durak smiled as he kicked his feet out and stretched before finishing off his mug of mead just as Felix entered the room announcing himself and his intentions to put his training to the test "Already? Pray you don't have to use your training elf, a simple search isn't exactly high up on the list of dangerous things to do but lets try not to die all the same." Pulling himself up Durak turned to face Felix as he picked up his pack and threw it over his shoulders "Well I suppose i'm out of mead!" giving a laugh the dwarf called Kat to his side and then looked around the room" Where are the rest? Punctuation should be key.."
  11. Arch

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    "You can count on me" Juri says interrupting Durak's sentence. "I'm ready to go, though are you sure you are?"

    He gazes at the Dwarf, and everything he is carrying.

    "Wise Owl said to bring only what we need. Why do you have a tent, and a bedroll if we are going to have an Inn to stay in? Are you just used to being so burdened down by armor and supplies that you feel... uneasy if unencumbered?"
  12. Revan

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    Durak gave a loud laugh and turned to face Juri with a smile that could disarm a dragon "Good of you to join us Juri! And of course I am! The Wise Owl did tell us to bring only what we need! And this gear is a feathers weight compared to my old soldiering kit, and i'd rather be prepared than unprepared." pausing to pet Kat Durak looked back up at Juri "Fret not Juri, between myself and Kat we will carry our fair share of anything we need, or do not need as the case may be. But we will both be prepared for whatever will come."

    Looking around Durak still saw one of their companions missing "It seems Kitsune isn't with us quite yet... I wonder where she has gotten to?" Seemingly having pulled a piece of jerky from his pocket he split it up and offered a piece each to Juri and Yenhorn before fetching a peach for Felix, well aware most druids preferred a vegetarian diet. One he couldn't entire understand, meat was delicious! But one he respected all the same. Having practically grown up and later on served in the wilds had given him a strong sense of nature, not quite so much as a druid usually held, but one that certainly affected his every step.
  13. Arch

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    Did he just pull meat out of his pocket? Not the most tempting of offers but it would be impolite to outright refuse... besides, I wasn't planning on bringing any food and if things fall apart out there I may unfortunately well wish to have some of his lint meat.

    "I'm sorry, but I must respectfully decline your offer. I think two breakfasts is more than enough for me. I am through growing upwards, and will now only grow outwards lest I watch what I eat! And what good is a short, fat, and slow monk to any of you?
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    Durak was about to share further information on his amazing tale when suddenly, one of their peers interrupted and began to talk about the amount of equipment they all had available. Yenhorn was not really one who would just add a lot of equipment and luggage, in fact; he was used to just be ready with what he really needed and in the end he would find a way to provide food and shelter... or other people would provide it in one way or another.

    The redheaded man just remain silent eating the jerkey for the moment, in fact he began to enjoy it and thank the dwarf with just a nod while he waited for the whole team to be assembled. But waiting didn't mean that he wasn't doing anything... he was just there paying attention and waiting for his destiny...

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